Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TRUTH: The Chameleon ...

When I logged into Blogger today, I saw that someone had revisited an old post that I had written, awhile back, about "Established Truths" with respect to societies in general.  I had used Sting's lyrical ballad "When the Angels Fall" as the baseline for my thoughts back then. ... Anyhow, it was funny to log in here this evening and see that old post pop-up in my stats, because I had been thinking about "truth", myself, these past few days. 

I think that if LIFE has taught me anything thus far, it is that "truth", for the most part, is relative ... or as I said to a friend a fews days ago ...

"I find Truth to be an elusive entity, rather like a chameleon:  varying with the eyes of the beholder, perspective and the ravages of Time."

Thus far, I have found no "absolute truths", save one:  That there is a Divine Source, a ruling balance ... that corrects over time .... and whether we realize it or not we are, all of us, on a journey back to this source ... a Creator, if you will.  This, of course, brings to mind another great song by Sting, "Why Should I Cry for You?"

I happened to come across this intriguing photograph while pondering images for "truth" ...

Perhaps this image makes my point above?  That "Truth" is a destination ... and some of us are --understandably-- further along on our journey than others, but eventually: we're all going home. With this thought in mind, then why should I cry for you or you for me? One day we will all be HOME.

Here's the Sting song mentioned above.  I love ♥ Sting ... Such an enlighted soul, in my humble opinion. Enjoy : )

Long Version, Live Performance: "Why Should I Cry for You?", By Sting

I think a lot of people don't really understand what this song means, but it makes perfect sense to me ... "mountains of endless falling" is falling away from the ways of the world ... "over a godless sea" is putting no gods before the one true God ... "Dark Angels follow me", well that is another story: perhaps novel #3.  I think the secret to understanding this song is to listen with your heart and not your head.

Peace & LOVE to all who pass this way   ~M

P.S. I made a friend once because of the song "When The Angels Fall" ... Another "Rebel" of sorts, talented musician and photographer, fellow 'student of life'.  I miss this friend.  He's often in my thoughts and prayers, and I wish him much joy and ongoing happiness.  ♥ 

The Sting song in this post makes me think of another, long ago, friend.  The universe keeps sending him to me in bits and pieces of late --which may or may not, in fact, be him.  But the end result helps with the sum total of letting go. And I've already wished him the best time and time again, so I won't bother repeating the latter here again, save to say "Why Should I Cry For You?" and vice versa.  PJP.    ~M

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