Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dante's 'Inferno' ... To Read or Play?

In keeping with my honest efforts to give the poet's another try ... I am planning on (finally!) reading Dante's masterpiece, 'Inferno' ... the epic poem which I seem to know so very little about.  I'm tired of being in the dark on this ... there are so many allusions to this epic poem ... epsecially in art -- which I am also trying to come up to speed on.  Witness, for example, this chilling painting ...

'Pablo and Francesca', by George Frederic Watts (Image Courtesy of

So anyway, I'm on-line looking for info on buying this book [ 'Inferno' is actually the first part of Dante's 'Divine Comedy'] or perhaps even finding a copy on-line to read ... At the very top of my search return is the following -- I KID YOU NOT(!!) :

"Dante's Inferno Demo Announced
23:06 November 11th, 2009

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To be released this December

Electronic Arts the upcoming December release of a PS3 and X360 demo for Dante's Inferno, a third-person action adventure adaptation of the medieval epic poem The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. The demo includes the entire opening level and two cinematic movies. The game is in the works at EA Redwood Shores, the studio behind Dead Space. Dante's Inferno will be available in North America beginning on February 9, 2010 and in Europe on February 12, 2010."

Apparently, Dante's famous work will now be reduced the realm of the gaming industry?  Culture for the masses?  Looks interesting, no?  Perhaps, I should just wait and play the game?  : )

[ Here's the official game site ... if you're interested:  Dante's Inferno Official Game Site .  The graphics on this are astounding!  Creepy!  Too realistic ... I wouldn't want to visit. ]

I wonder ... would Dante Alighieri be flattered that his beloved work was being turned into a computer game, or revolted?  Well, if nothing else, the game may provide some interesting insights into the interpretation of this complex poem? What do you think? 

Life is full of interesting surprises ... embrace them!

Peaceful day to you and yours.


P.S. 11/15/2009  I found a copy of  'The Divine Comedy' in paperback today ... I start my read tonight.  Can't wait!

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