Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize Win for President Obama: A step towards hope ...

Congratulations to President Obama on his win of the Nobel Peace Prize, for his vision of world peace.

However, unexpected President Obama's win may have been:  it does lend credence to a worthy goal -- although, at times, seemingly unattainable goal -- of a world at peace, with all inhabitants of this planet living together in harmony.

Hopefully, President Obama's win will futher advance this worthy cause.  It gives me hope ...

We can't afford to simply categorize this goal of world peace as unattainable and do nothing.  The price of doing nothing is just too high!

While I realize that we have to be practical in our approach to peace ... that is, sometimes those with the ability to stand up against an agressor, who is doing wrong or something that would harm others, are compelled to act in defense of those unable to defend themselves ... I am hopeful, that our world leaders will strive to find a common ground for the good of all the wonderful inhabitants of this miraculously diverse, ever changing, blue spinning planet.

May peace fill your day and light your way ...


Song: When the Children Cry, By White Lion

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