Saturday, October 17, 2009

University of Florida Gators Are Still #1 !


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Okay, I'm experiencing a rare moment of joy -- well, near to it anyway ... with happiness being 1-5 and joy 6-10 ,,, I'd say I'm at least at 7.5  : ).  University of Florida just defeated the University of Arkansas (in an uncomfortably close game)! But, hey: a WIN is a WIN?! Way to go Caleb Sturgis! Sturgis kicked the field goal that moved the Gators from a 20/20 tie with Arkansas, up to 23  to win the game in the final 4 seconds. So, the Gators continue their winning streak -- with 16 games undefeated -- and hold onto to their #1 National Ranking.  I've seen the Gators play better, but every team has their down days.  Sure they'll rally back for their next game (Georgia, right ?) .

I had been at a soccer game with Lauren, so that Ken wouldn't have to miss the game. When I returned home, Ken was in a BAD mood and Arkansas had just scored another touchdown. The score was now 20 Arkansas to the Gators 13. I told Ken to stop being so NEGATIVE -- HE WAS GOING TO JINX HIS TEAM! I told him to leave, if he was going to get so upset, and I'd watch the rest of the game for him. Then the girls and I started sending POSITIVE ENERGY to the Gator players -- and yes, praying too : ). We had a good little cheering section going in our living room, and it paid off. The Gators made a comeback and held their own ... right down to the final 4 seconds. See what the power of POSITIVE THINKING can get you?! Sturgis must be onto this, because he was one IMPRESSIVELY CALM dude going into kicking that game saving field goal.

So we're all on cloud nine now! : ) Going out to dinner to celebrate. Joyful day to you!

P.S. Had mixed feelings about which team I would root for at the start of this football season -- University of Texas or University of Florida (Ken's Alma Mater), but since U of Florida is going for the "Team of the Decade", I guess that my loyalties have got to lie with the Gators. Just hope that the National Championship doesn't end up being University of Florida vs. University of Texas?!  That would be tres awkward ...

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