Thursday, October 29, 2009

Which U.S. University has the downright UGLIEST school colors?

Just FYI:  I am a very supportive, football watching wife -- college football anyway.  I know the scoring, the objective, and most of the rules.  I would even cheer for my husband's team (UF) over mine (UT) if they wind up playing each other for the National Title -- sorry UT, UF is going for the 'team of the decade' ... just the way cookie crumbles this year.  That being said: let's just say, when you're sick your perspective changes a little ...

While being forced to watch yet another college football game, my foggy, bored, flu-ridden mind begins to wander ... Ken is watching the Virginia Tech vs. North Carolina college football game. Big surprise, right?  I wonder if the flu (fever) is affecting my eyesight?! Can Virginia Tech really be wearing such a horrid combination of colors? Who in their sober, right mind, would put two such clashing colors as deep burgundy and bright pumpkin orange together?

I drag my sick self off the couch in order to get a better look at the TV screen. Yep,I wasn't hallucinating?!  The team's colors truly were deep burgundy and bright pumpkin orange. I ask Ken if he has the colors on his baby, 52" plasma properly adjusted? He isn't amused and ignores me.

I collapse back onto the couch and wonder to myself: Which U.S. University has the downright ugliest school colors? From what I've seen so far this season: I nominate Virginia Tech. What's your opinion? If I get enough submissions, perhaps we can put it to a final vote. : )

On that note: GO GATORS!

By the way, I do happen to like the GATORS' color pairing ... but I may be biased?!




Here is a link to a complete list of 4-yr. college / university school colors:

Results so far:  What's your opinion?  We'll put top 3 worst to a vote ...

Me "Virginia Tech!"

Ken says he hates U of Texas Colors:  "Burnt Orange and Boring White?!"  [I think he just sees UT as a potential rival for upcoming National Title.]

"North Carolina's colors are boring ... and baby blue?  Feminine?!"

"LSU.  Purple?"

"Brown University.  Seal brown and cardinal white."

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