Friday, January 12, 2007

"Raising Kids for True Greatness"

I am reading a new book by this title. It is by Dr. Tim Kimmel and so far it is pretty good.

I hope it has a chapter in there on sibling rivalry! Sibling rivalry and fighting have been going on a lot here since the holidays. It's enough to drive you crazy at times. Sometimes I want to give my kids all blow-up bats and just let them go at it and get it out of their systems! : )

Anyway, one of the things that Dr. Kimmel says at the very beginning of the book is this:

"Success looks inward; true greatness looks upward, then outward.

Success is about my agenda; true greatness is about God's agenda.

Success accommodates selfishness; true greatness celebrates altruism.

Success is about receiving; true greatness is about giving.

Success worships what it sees in a mirror; true greatness grieves over what it see through its windows.

Success pays off for now; true greatness pays off forever."

These are truly words to live by!

This really struck a chord with me, so I thought that I would share them. I'll let you know how the rest of the book goes.

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