Friday, September 22, 2006

Kids Say the Darndest Things!

Every parent has experienced that moment when your kid repeats something that you weren't even aware that they saw or heard. I've had many of these over the years. Kids never cease to totally amaze me!

Here is my latest:
My eldest daughter had to write a personal narrative for her school English paper. She chose to write about our vacation this summer. In her first draft she wrote every little detail of the trip including:

"We had breakfast the next morning at the hotel buffet while my mom stayed in bed and ordered room service."

I had to laugh! I don't usually eat breakfast, as it upsets my stomach early in the morning. So as we were on vacation: my husband offered to take the girls to eat breakfast in order to give me a chance to have some coffee and put my make-up on/fix hair without a three ring circus going on in the small room.

But to see it through a kid's eyes? How funny!

I can only imagine what her teacher must think of me now? Slacker mom? Luckily, the above observation didn't make it into her final draft. Whew! : )

Share some of your embarrassing moments with me in the comments section below (click "comments" below to enter). I'd love to hear some other stories! : )

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