Saturday, September 16, 2006

HVP Lines & Kids Soccer Fields?

The city we live in has placed the sports complex -- where 2 of my children play soccer -- right under high voltage power lines! I couldn't believe it! And now, my oldest plays on a field within just a few hundred feet of these dangerous elecromagnetic field-generating lines.I wonder what the city planners and council were thinking when they made this BRILLIANT decision? Or IF they were EVEN thinking? I can't believe that with all of the lawsuits and research out there that these sports fields -- built within the last 5 years -- would be placed so close to the high voltage power lines?  Land near power lines is cheap, I guess, but low cost at what price? To my way of thinking:  no price is too high when it comes to the health and well-being of our children, our future.

Well, I hate to ruin my kids soccer playing experience, but I am definitely going to be doing some research of my own and asking some serious questions! I'll let my kids play for now, as games are only 1 hour, once a week --with practices held at a local elementary school. If my research turns up that playing underneath the high-voltage lines --even for only 1  hour per week-- is truly a health hazard:  my children won't be playing for THIS CITY anymore!

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