Sunday, March 03, 2013

"People, Hell and Angels", New Jimi Hendrix Album

A new Jimi Hendrix album, compiled from various archival tape footage, is being released by Experience Hendrix -- corporate entity led by Janie Hendrix, Jimi's younger step-sister-- this upcoming, Tuesday, March 5th.  This new album reveals a bluesier side of this rock legend.  You can have a listen to a preview of the album for yourself at NPR.  One of the songs on the album is "Izabella" and another is "Hear My Train  A Comin' ":  two of my personal all-time favorites.  Enjoy!

"People, Hell and Angels" New Jimi Hendrix Album Preview

I love this photo of Jimi!  The thoughtful look in his eyes, holding his beloved source of escape and inspiration: inspiration for the muse himself.  Click on the image source link to visit the site of  a record collector who actually owns a group of 21 albums from Jimi's personal record collection, as sold by Kathy Etchingham at auction in, in the UK in 2001. Cool to see some of the music that Jimi listened to ... his source of personal inspiriation from fellow musicians. I wasn't surprised to see Dylan in his collection, another of my favorites.  Does make me pause and wonder how many of today's musicians don't have a tangible (can be held sans electronics) collection of their musical inspiration, a collection that can be physically perused, contemplated  ... collections now-a-days reside in the sphere of digital ones and zeros for the most part.  I still collect my favorites on vinyl though --whenever possible. I'm partial to the analog range and subtle nuances?

Here's a link to a USA interview with Janie Hendrix that shares her personal insights and reflections on her brother's music, found in this new release, as well as the parting bit of wisdom that he left her with.

3/5/2013  FYI:  Just checked and the new album "People, Hell and Angels" is now available on Spotify as well. 

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