Tuesday, November 15, 2011

CBS News Media Bias Revealed via internal e-mail ...

 My three daughters watched the last Republican Debate, on Foreign Policy, with me the other night. It was rather interesting to hear their comments as the various candidates spoke in turn. I was most impressed with my eldest's command of the issues and she's just 13. All three girls noted (all on their own) that Michelle Bachmann did not seem to be getting many questions at all. Then, I happened to come across this story that backs up what my children observed:  "Michele Bachmann accuses CBS News of bias"

I think the authors of the above story were being diplomatic in their titling of the piece.  In my humble opinion, the evidence clearly shows bias on the part of CBS ...and by their own hand no less.  Now the reason for this bias is another matter entirely.  Was the bias merely due to the fact that Michelle Bachmann was a woman running in a field of men ... the old "glass ceiling"... or was the bias due to the fact that perhaps a segment of the liberal left sees Bachmann as a very real threat to the re-election of Obama?  It is interesting to me how history does indeed repeat itself  ...( i.e., the 18th and 19th Ammendments to the constitution) and now Obama becomes president before a woman does.  Is it finally time for a competent woman to become President of the United States?  I have to wonder, as do my daughters.  My oldest used to say she wanted to become President of the United States when she grew up, but as she grows older she seems to be increasingly turned off by the accpeted political practices in our country.  I guess, I can't blame her?

I find Michelle Bachmann to be a very intelligent, articulate individual with a rather impressive command of the issues facing our nation. She is also one of the few candidates with business, government and foreign policy experience ... the "trifecta" so to speak. Bachmann's position on the Senate Intelligence committee gave her the ability to rattle off detailed facts, dates and names with an impressive command to which no one ... save Newt Gingrich perhaps ... even came close to matching. I have to wonder now if CBS's now documented (by their own hand, via internal email) intent to minimize questions to Bachmann was intended to keep her trailing in the polls by not allowing her to shine in an area where she surely excels and could have really wowed potential voters? ... Just goes to show that you can't sit back and rely on this biased media to give you the full picture: They have an agenda of their own and it isn't just to inform any longer as it once was in days long since gone by.

"C" Seems to be an empty field right now?

I believe this election primary for Republicans is about two things: 1) Finding a candidate who can beat Obama and 2) Electing the president who is best for the country and can get us OUT of this sinking ship that we are now in. The problem is, I'm not yet sure that there is candidate who meets both criteria. I think that there are two candidates who could fill the bill for criteria #2 (B), but I'm not certain that these candidates would not be able to pull off #1 (A). And I happen to think that the one candidate who is capable of beating Obama will not necessarily be the best president for the country.  Thus far, I don't see any candidate falling into the overlap of (C).  

I would venture to say that voters and the media have underestimated Michelle Bachmann.  Let us hope, however, that voters do not make the mistake of underestimating Barack Obama and his powerful, extremely well funded PR machine.  Four more years of Obama may not be what this country needs, but that doesn't mean that easily swayed, emotional and uninformed voters (wanting "more") can't make his re-election a reality.

... A side thought:  My eldest thinks that perhaps Obama should put his $60++ million of funds raised for his relection campaign toward a better use by donating the money to the U.S. Treasury in an effort to pay help off the National Debt which has skyrocketed during his 3+ years in office. 

Well, you can't say that we don't live in interesting times, can you?

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