Monday, July 25, 2011

Tragic Shooting in Norway ...

I haven't written on the recent shootings that occurred in Norway, on July 22nd, at the Capital of Oslo and on the nearby Utoya Island. On this day, one Anders Behring Breivik, set off a bomb in the Capital Office Building where the Prime Minister had offices. This was supposedly a diversion for a planned mass shooting. For shortly after the bomb blast, Breivik began randomly shooting people at a youth camp on the island of Utoya, sadly many of the victims were merely young teens. I just have a hard time processing such senseless loss of life, especially young adults ... and so very many ... 76 was the final count, I think, but even one is too many. Surely only a very sick individual, with a deranged mind could justify killing as such? It truly boggles my mind! May God, our Creator, Bless those affected by this tragedy: those who lost their lives, those who were wounded physically and emotionally, and all who were touched by this senseless tragedy.

How many of us thought, perhaps not as a first response, but in our post processing of this horrible news: I am so thankful that it was not here, that it was not me, my family, friends ... those that I love. But the sad thing is it could have just as well have been. How many parents send their kids off to summer camps, with the good intent of broadening their children's horizons ... never fathoming that a horrible mass shooting could occur at their child's camp. So what can we do? Pray ... There is a power in prayer, in a united collective consciousness for a greater good. Pray and pray often for souls such as the young man behind these shootings. That these unwell individuals will be identified and helped before they are able to unleash their madness upon the innocent in our world.

I wrote an apocolyptic poem around this time, but at the time I was not aware of this tragic shooting in Norway. I am trying to sort through my words in order to see where they lead and if there is any connection or insight to be gained. But mostly, I am just praying, as always. This world needs a lot of prayer!

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