Thursday, July 14, 2011

Free Speech at Risk in the Blogsphere?

I am thinking of launching a "Click on my blog everyday just to piss off the Obama Media Czar" Campaign  (link to be enabled)  ... What do you think?????  See how many hits I can generate for my Blog in terms of visibility by inviting all my friends, friends of friends, and so on to join me here each day ... whether they read extensively or not.  I may like being mysterious, but there is nothing like a good cause to bring me out of the shadows.

I am thinking about doing this because I feel as if my blog is no longer being placed in the most favorable viewing audience.  You see, I have written a few political pieces, in the past, that do not paint the "Annointed One" in an entirely favorable light.  Because of these 'political pieces' my blog --which contains SOOOOOOOOOOO much more than politics-- has now been relegated to the Blogspehere Basement

It used to be that my blog was posted next to other artists, musicians, photographers ... poets, per my more recent posts and Blogger's "commitment to connect bloggers with similar interests".   But, the latter doesn't seem to be the case any more? ... Doesn't seem to matter what I post nowadays (i.e., since the appointment of Obama's Media Czar):  If you 'click' on the next blog, I remain ever-fixed next to some extreme rightwing blog that is ranting and raving.  So much for free speech, I guess???  Does 'Big Brother' really get to have that much unchecked power in our "Free Society"?  What do think????

And to be fair ... When Obama, his adminstration or his party does something outstanding and good for the country:  I write about that too.   But the latter still seems to have no impact on my placement here in the blogsphere ... no good deed goes unpunished, I guess?

If you haven't read this novel "1984" ... now might be a good time to give it a run through, preferably before the next election.  If you do nothing else: read the background on this work provided in the link above.  And I am wondering if it is legal, ethical, constitutional to have tax payer dollars used to fund monitoring, and in essence regulation/manipulation of free speech (by determining what venues opinions and ideas are allowed to air in),  in order to improve a sitting U.S. President's overall media image?????

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