Monday, July 09, 2007

Fishing Anyone?

We tried to take our girls fishing this past weekend. They were all excited. They went with Dad to buy their very own rods and tackle (did you know that they make a "Barbie" and "Dora the Explorer" fishing rod? My how times have changed : ). We did not have a boat available to us this time, so we tried to fish from the shore at a local state park. The girls were very patient and they even gave putting their own worms on the hook a try -- I was proud of them for this effort.

We tried fishing for 2 1/2 hours and didn't catch anything. There were others fishing nearby and out of 15 poles only one little boy caught anything -- one 7" bass. Guess it wasn't a great day or a great spot? Neither my husband nor I are fishing pros. My husband fished a bit as young boy and teen, but he hasn't been in over 15 years. The girls are game to try again. Any suggestions or tips? Your input would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Summer!

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