Monday, December 04, 2006

I Saw the Movie & More Holiday Traditions

Okay. I saw the movie "The DaVinci Code" this weekend. It was okay, but I think that the book is better. Somehow Tom Hanks is not quite how I pictured Langdon. But it was mildly entertaining and an excuse to sit down and relax for awhile.

It's still pretty popular I guess because it took us 2 rainchecks and 3 trips to the video store before a copy was available to rent -- and they had about 30 or so available for rent.

Oh well, check that one off my list!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a surprise arrive here on Thanksgiving evening. My sister finally had her baby. A healthy, bouncing, baby boy. What a day to make your entrance into the world: on a day of reflection and thanksgiving. Awesome! Welcome to the world little one.

Well we got our tree up, lights on and decorated. Our stairway banister and fireplace are done too. All this by Dec. 1st! Most amazing! We had our outside lights and decorations up the weekend after Thanksgiving. This is a first all the way around for us! We are usually scrambling the week or two before Christmas. I guess that our kids are getting older and life is getting smoother and a bit easier. Praise God!

I've really enjoyed hearing everyone's inputs on "Holiday Traditions." There have been some really clever and neat ideas. Thanks so much for sharing!

This past weekend I received an email from my godmother telling me about her wonderful family traditions. They have a big family dinner, a weekend or two before Christmas, and everyone brings a dish. Then the kids put on a short play or skit. Sounds like so much fun! I remember doing that as a kid myself.

Her story inspired my oldest daughter and I to write a play for our extended family of kids to put on for the parents and grandparents. The kids are so excited! Thanks for the idea Nancy. Now that the kids are all a bit older I think that it will be a blast.

Our play is a bit of a comedy or sorts, but serious too. It will be titled "A Christmas Story: 2 Dudes and a Wise Woman." We've written the first draft and it looks like it will be fun and funny! Can't wait! Let me know if you would like a copy of the script to do with your family or if you want a DVD of the final "production." Just leave me your name and email or send me an email.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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