Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sky's on FIRE!

"We are all connected"
@2010 Copyrighted Image: Isabelle Black Smith.  All Rights Reserved.

Figured my page here could use a bit of color.  Revisiting one of my favorite summer sunsets.  Clouds up here are definitely alive!  I love looking up; finally warm enough to lay in the cool grass and day dream.  God writes his messages in the sky, I think.  Well, wherever you happen be in your life: just remember you're not alone ... somehow we are all connected.  Scenes like this one remind me of this 'connectivity' we all share.  God Bless and Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful moms out there!   ~M

P.S.  Praying for the workers who lost their lives --and families left behind-- in recent building collapse of a factory in Bangladesh.  I am a bit slow getting news when I shut myself off to focus on writing.  May God Bless them, one and all.  I sincerely hope all companies choosing to do business with clothing factories in this country do sign-on to support the new safety standards and inspections.  Last I have heard, Walmart --here in the U.S.-- is holding out because of cost concerns to their bottom line.   Don't think Walmart will be getting anymore of my business should they choose not to support this life-saving initiative.

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