Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rain, Rain ... Please ... Please GO AWAY!!

...Cause I'm dying to go outside and PLAY!!!  Yes, I happen to love dancing in the rain, but its starting to get OLD ... very OLD.  And my camera does NOT like rain one tiny little bit.  : (

It has been raining here ... grey and overcast ... for over a week now. Seems forever since I've laid eyes on the actual sun. This rainy weather doesn't usually get to me ... I see the beauty all around despite the rain, but these past few days of ENDLESS DRIZZLE and pouring rain are starting to wear on me?!!!  Help?!!!!

So  ... in an effort to remain positive and to try and brighten my dreary days ... I've been browsing through old photos with the glorious sun present.  I came across this photo last Thursday ... and while it is a setting sun, it still warms my soul to view ...

Copyright @May 2010, Michelle C. of

The clouds in this one are tres cool too ... almost water-like ... a flowing stream of clouds. Made me smile : )

On another photographic note:  I've been doing research on IR (infra-red) photography lately.  It turns out my Pentax K-100D is one of the few new cameras on the market that is fairly sensitive to IR.  So I went and picked up a Hoya R72 filter this weekend and once the sun makes it reappearance -- have to have a good IR source in order to get decent photos -- I'll be ready to start shooting.  I'm so excited!  Feel like a kid with a new toy : )  [... In case you were wondering IR photos are very unexpected ... often with glowing elements ... very artistic and often ethereal.  I'll try to post some links here to others photos shortly.]

Hope that the sun is shining brilliantly in your neck of the woods ... and if its not that its still shining in your heart.  : )  Peace ...


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