Monday, September 30, 2013

Irresistable Force Met the Immovable Object ....

A government shutdown is looming here in the United States.  Time to put up or shut up?

When Charles Krauthammer thinks that an objective observer for events currently unfolding in Washington, D.C., is a "Martian", you know that things must be really, really bad in our nation's capitol. Would that the American people were able to make the distinction between the legally passed (by Congress), signed (by President) and upheld (by the Supreme Court) portions of Obama-care and the unilaterally amended (politically motivated) waivers subsequently handed out by President Obama's Administration. But thus far, President Obama's Administration has been adeptly skillful in waging (and winning) the battle of perception, time and time again ... Sadly, perception seems to be the new American truth.

Personally, I have to applaud the Republicans who are willing to stand up in order to speak and act for justice on behalf of their constituents.  Enough of this prevailing double standard!  What's good enough for the goose ought to be good enough for the gander.  If members of Congress, their respective staffs, and Big Business get a one year delay (and/or government subsidies) which exempt them from being bound by Obama-care's legislation (and penalties thereof), then this one year delay should apply across the board to individuals as well -- and it should be noted that all of the latter modifications to the originally legislatively passed healthcare law have been made unilaterally, by the Obama administration, in the absence of a legitimate congressional vote.  Sometimes, in order to be truly heard you have to be willing to have the courage of your convictions --in spite of name-hurling and negative media bias-- and be willing to make the sacrifices necessary to fight the hard fight. 

To my way of thinking, Republicans making this stand against the immediate implementation of the "individual mandate" portion of the Obama-care law are waging a modern-day version of the Boston Tea Party:  "No taxation without equal representation!"

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