Saturday, August 24, 2013

We are living in a material world ...

We are living in a material world ... Well, most of us are, on multiple levels. 

"We are living in a material world?"

I have to wonder, at some point, don't you have to ask yourself:  what is the illusion and what is truly real?


Karen :) said...

I wonder that myself sometimes! More often WHO is an illusion (as far as being a real friend) and who is REAL.:)

Michelle (Isabelle) said...

Nice to know I'm not alone in my wondering, Karen. Yes, I agree "Who" we choose to be, to portray to the world, is often the biggest part of the illusion ... think that's what I meant by multiple levels: people striving for attention, fame, recognition at any price ... always trying to one-up others. I have found "true" friends are hard to come by, myself, but I have a hard time trusting people. Still I take comfort in the fact I have handful of life-long friends who mean the world to me. As Aristotle says "He who has many friends, has none."

Hope you are having a joy-filled, low-stress weekend with your wonderful husband, Karen. God Bless!