Monday, June 10, 2013

What makes a nation truly great?

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.   Truth ultimately lies in perception?  Think the fundamental questions we should be asking ourselves right now, in the light of revelations surrounding our government's most recent transgression, is:  "What makes a nation truly great?"  And have we, as citizens of this nation, seriously lowered the bar for "great" here in the United States of America if we are willing to allow this ever-growing encroachment upon our basic civil liberties (e.g., airline travel body scanners & groping body pat-downs, Obama-care, civilian drone monitoring and now NSA monitoring/long-term data storage of our private phone conversations, emails and other electronic data without a prior court-issued specific warrant to store this data for future potential access) and a lack of accountability in our government at-large (Benghazi, Department of Homeland Security stock-piling mountains of ammunition and now an IRS scandal) to continue ... And these are just the offenses that have come into the light. 

Doesn't any reasonable person have to wonder, given what we know, what is the size and scope of all that we do not know?  Where do you draw a line and when is enough, enough??  Perhaps a more useful exercise would be to remove President Obama from the equation and insert President George W. Bush in Obama's place.  What would we be doing in any of the previous situations if George W. Bush was at the helm right now and are we taking the same unbiased approach when addressing present circumstances?

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