Thursday, December 20, 2012

What is Prayer?

Always amazes me how many of my adult acquaintances are uncomfortable with the notion of prayer.  I'm not sure if this due to pre-conceived notions that prayer is a religious thing, and maybe they are just too busy to still the noise in their own lives?  Maybe it's a control thing?  They don't feel comfortable opening themselves up to a higher power?  Maybe they simply don't believe or don't want to believe that there is real power in prayer? I'm not entirely certain, but I just find the latter excuses and reasoning baffling because prayer is such an integral part of my way of life and who I am ... Seems I've always had an ongoing dialogue with a higher power, nature and the collective consciousness from my very first memories. 

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For me, prayer is a spiritual thing not a religious thing.  Prayer, to me, is simply tapping into the collective consciousness --and for me God, our Creator, is at the center of this consciousness-- with a concerted interest in furthering a greater good. It's really not that complicated. Still the noise, open your heart and mind and begin a conversation.  I think that you would truly be surprised at how easily the words and thoughts begin to flow ... Give it a try.  In times like these, what have you got to lose?

Peace & Much Love,

~Isabelle Black Smith

P.S.  I am praying intently for the families of Newtown, Connecticut.  May God, our Creator, Bless them --each one-- as they lay their loved ones to rest and strive to return to some form of 'normal' in their lives.  I was literally disconnected from this earthly world last Thursday and Friday.  It wasn't until Monday and Tuesday of this week that I became fully aware of this tragedy and began to process it in my own heart and mind.  I wrote a poem in the aftermath of the Aurora Movie Theater tragedy that speaks of the resillience of the human spirit and the seeds of hope.  I think this poem provides words of peace, comfort and hope in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook School shooting as well.  Just now recovery from surgery myself, so I have been out of touch and sorts ... thus, I will just provide a link back to this poem instead of making a separate post:

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