Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Scary Eye-Opener!!

[ Hmmmm ... Want to watch your blog sputter, spiral and plunge to the abysmal depths of the blogspheres' lower levels?  Then just mention the name "Glenn Beck" in your post. ; )  ... Ah what a world, what a world!!  Free speech is m-e-l-t-i-n-g .... I honestly think that the ONLY WAY "free speech" will survive during this administration is if the American people WAKE UP and put some genuine effort into their search for truth and information instead of just sitting back, while lazily being spoon fed by the egnimatic "Big Brother".]

I have not been watching a lot of Glenn Beck these days.  His gloom and doom, ranting, raving and tears on air were just getting to be a bit much for me.  Today, however, I have been down with a bad headache, so I decided to listen to his show during lunch  and I have to say that today's show was a real eye opener for me. 

I find the study of various religions, their history and beliefs, to be fascinating.  I like to think that I have a fairly good grasp on various world religions, but I heard something on the Glenn Beck show today that sent chills down my spine ... something that made me realize that while we all share a belief in the same Creator there are still fundamental differences in our religious beliefs that perhaps may never ever be able to be reconciled.  I will have to do more research to verify the information presented on the Glenn Beck show today, but if it bears even an ounce of truth then it is a wake-up call indeed!

So what was this religious belief that sends chills down my spine, makes me stop dead in my tracks and think:  a belief among religious scholars of Islam that a man can forgo the sins of adultery and fornication if he owns a sex slave and uses her for his satisfaction.   The show even ran a clip where a Muslim woman was shown speaking for ... condoning ... the selling of slaves into the sex trade as a viable alternative to POW's being put to death.  This woman further believed that use of sex slaves would in fact exempt her sons and husband from sin should they seek to have sexual relations outside of marriage. 

I am sorry, but I cannot see ... especially in this day and age ... any religion openly condoning the selling and owning of slaves, especially for the explicit purpose of sexual assault!!  God our Creator is fundamentally about free-will and LOVE:  slavery and assault are polar opposites to His way.

I have to say watching this show was LOUD wake-up call for me today!  I will look further into the matter for myself, but my eyes are wide open now.  May God Bless women and children everywhere and protect them from such crimes.

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