Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Die is Cast ...

Well the die is cast. The American people want CHANGE and that's what we are going to get. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

It is hard for an incumbent party to get reelected in year when the economy tanks, let alone when it tanks in the final weeks of the campaign. The race was not a landslide; Obama won the popular vote by only a few percentage points. So McCain-Palin ran a good campaign.

The election is over and the issue at the forefront is: ECONOMY, ECONOMY, ECONOMY.

Even though I did not agree with the bailout plan on principle, I did appreciate that our elected leaders in Congress debated viable solutions, voted, and came up with a plan to help stave off a total melt down of our economy. I respect the members of Congress who were present during that time of crisis and who voted -- what we elected them to do. I understand why Obama chose not to be present: it was the best position he could be in for his campaign -- not taking a side. But now that Obama will be our next President of the United States: the economy is his baby. I'll be interested to see what Obama does with it.

I respect every one's right to disagree and I have friends who are democrats. I just wish that all people in America would take the time (and effort!) TO BE INFORMED about what goes in our country and around the world. Being informed is part of our civic duty and it is a privilege -- just like the right to vote. Just because the election is over doesn't mean your civic duty is over: BE INFORMED ... STAY INFORMED!

I still have serious concerns about Obama as our President, but I am hopeful that he will surprise me. That he will not only live up to his promise of CHANGE, but that he will -- as he has said in many, many speeches -- bridge the ideological gaps between the parties and unite the country as a whole.

Thank you Senator McCain, Governor Palin, your families and campaign staff for a tireless, well-run, spirit-filled campaign. Enjoy some well deserved downtime. God Bless!

During this time of transition, I will pray that God continues to bless our country with economic prosperity and homeland security. That God will guide our elected leaders to make strong and wise decisions that will benefit our nation as a whole. God bless all men and women who have served our country at home and in the Middle East. God bless the families of these brave men and women as well. God bless all people living in the Middle East. May peace and stability reign in the Middle East now and for years to come. Amen.

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