Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Government & Politics will just have to wait ...

I know I promised my next post would reveal all about the elusive E.O.s, but insomnia has been unreal lately.  I'm starting to see double I'm so tired ... :  )  I make of the most it and try to write when I can, read after that, and if I'm still up around 2 a.m., I resort to jewelry making.  My latest quest has been to try to use leftover pieces, in an effort to make something useful while eliminating scraps and waste.  Here's what I've been able to conjure up this past week ...

Note:  these pictures were all taken after 2 a.m. ... so you get what you get ...

This turquoise stone set, and matching hair ties, are a tribute my Native American heritage on my mother's side.  My Native American Indian name is 'Moon Willow' (and I had no influence on the outcome ... funny the way things work out and ring so true ...).

This purple bracelet and earrings are a tribute to the birthstone for the month of February: the amethyst.

Someone asked if this was 'face jewelry'? I had to laugh, but it is a valid observation. No, it isn't 'face jewelry' ... even though it happens to be pictured on the face of a statue of Buddha.  I was trying to find a good contrasting background and this book just happened to be on hand.  ; )

This bracelet and earrings set is a tribute of the 'Queen of Hearts', from the story "Alice in Wonderland". 

I love the story of Alice in her wonderland.  This was one of the first 'big' books I ever read.  My godfather gave me a very old copy of this treasured tale ... it was loaded with lot of fabulous prints and illustrations.  I need to find that book ... my copy of "Alice in Wonderland".  It's probably worth something today ... given how old the book was?  And this book ... my "Alice in Wonderland"... also has an enormous sentimental value to me as well.  Would be fun to reread and share with my daughters before the movie comes out.

I've often pondered late at night, and up all alone, what I wouldn't give for the secret to a refreshing, peaceful night's sleep that lasted longer than 3-4 hours ...  If you have any secrets:  PLEASE SHARE!  I'm so tired and yet still wired?!  I've tried just about everything ... won't do sleeping pills unless I'm at my wits end ... I hate drugs of any kind.  I don't drink coffee anymore (gave it up for good this summer) and I haven't had a 5-hour energy in days. 

P.S.  Checked in on Abe via
I brought him from Seattle back to Fort Worth, Texas and left him at the DFW airport.  Either he's still there, or whoever has him hasn't bothered to log in and give us a status update.  I'm kinda bummed.  : (  I did my part?  I'll try sending some positive energy his way.  Hopefully, he's having a trip wherever he may happen to be.  Hopefully he didn't meet his final demise in another washing machine load?!  And no, that wasn't my doing ... he was that way when I found him ...

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